Spiritists, You Have a Treasure in Your Hands, Share It!

    Just as has been said by the superior spirits and Kardec, the gift of mediumship is for each
medium’s own moral betterment first, and then for helping others. The same applies to the
knowledge obtained by the Spiritist Doctrine, for we are responsible for all the good we could
have done, but did not do.

    The time has come for the knowledge that has been hidden and kept behind closed doors,
to see the light of day! Do not become closed societies. Spiritists, you each have a moral duty
to help others (your families, friends, acquaintances, etc.) and to share your spiritual
knowledge! God and the superior spirits are with you in helping you to spread “The Good
News, the Way, and the Word” as in the times of Jesus. Be not like some of the apostles who
denied knowing Him and His Teachings!

    As the famous Spiritist from Spain, Miguel Vives said, “Spiritists, you have a treasure in
your hands!” But, it is a treasure to share with your brothers and sisters on this planet,
because that is performing a supreme charity. It is through this very process that eventually
the entire planet will change, evolve, and transform into one of regeneration.  

    This does not mean you bring it up at inappropriate times to make yourself look ridiculous.
There is a time and a place for everything. It is to share with those, using your commonsense,
who you believe would be amenable to its teachings. You can test the waters, so to speak, by
starting slowly with the basics (belief in a Just and Loving God, belief in a soul, reincarnation,
the existence of a spiritual and material world, etc.) Besides, many people have had so-called
psychic experiences but are afraid to speak of them. Also, do not allow newcomers to sway you
from Spiritism’s proper practice. Explain the rules clearly and firmly. You and your spiritual
guides are in control. If one has a fairly thorough knowledge of the Doctrine and is practicing
it properly and sincerely, than you are prepared. You cannot wait for perfection from
yourselves, for you are all imperfect humans!  

    Those who you tell about the Doctrine will either accept it (in part or wholly), or not. Some
will listen and think about it, and never be convinced. Others will have found the answers to
the questions they have been seeking all their life. There will also be those who seek you out.
Either way, when each one of them returns to the spirit world, as we all do, the knowledge that
you gave them, this spiritual gift, will ease their transition and better prepare them for life in
the spirit world; for the knowledge you gave them will be brought to their attention upon their
return. You will have done them the greatest charity by helping them to take the first step in
their spiritual transformation; for spiritual knowledge is never forgotten.

    Have faith in God, Spiritists, not in imperfect humanity! You are never alone. The good
spirits help guide lost souls to your Spiritist Groups. There are no coincidences! Each person
who comes will take what they need and what they can spiritually digest, according to their
level of comprehension. Some will say they are coming and never show up. Some come and
will never return, some will return occasionally, and some will be complete converts. Either
way, who are we to judge any of them? Spiritists, your only solemn duty is to practice the
Doctrine to the best of your ability and spread the Word as you are able, whatever happens
afterwards, is between each individual and God.  

   Jesus preached to those who would listen and did not worry about what happened to the
spiritual seeds He spread. He Knew that was in God Hand’s and in the individual’s freewill to
accept or reject His teachings, each according to their understanding. He fulfilled His Sacred
Duty and so started change in the world!  

   Workers of the Last Hour, your time is here! Have you spoken of what you believe to your
own individual family? Are you teaching your own children your Spiritist beliefs? Have you
spoken of your beliefs to your relatives, best friends, and acquaintances? Believe us when we
say that the people who are close to you, are beside you for good reasons. When you have the
chance to profess your belief, do you refrain for fear of ridicule? You can help many, so do not
lose out on wonderful opportunities.  

   My children, God is with you, do not doubt it! God wants all His children to have the
spiritual knowledge that will answer their questions as to why they suffer and why they have
so many sorrows. Those who spread spiritual knowledge with sincerity and pureness of heart,
have much spiritual protection, and your efforts will be seconded by spirit guides eager for
those in their care to learn from you! They continue teaching what you have started, when the
person’s spirit returns to them during sleep.

   In ages past, there have been individual prophets to bring the Word of God to His children.
Now, with the world at so many levels of spirituality and so diverse, the Creator depends on
each of His Spiritual Workers’ help to do this important work. So Spiritists, with your faith
ever so strong in God Almighty, do your moral duty, and leave the rest in God’s Very Capable

                              Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges