Religious Truth

   All major religions contain some spiritual truth. Many of these truths have become
distorted or misunderstood by imperfect mankind, and man has at times created and added,
his own erroneous ideas and posed them as Godís Universal Laws. The Creator, from time to
time and down throughout the ages, has always sent His prophets to bring to the people of the
planet true knowledge of His Laws in a manner appropriate to their customs, their times, and
in accordance with their moral, spiritual, and intellectual levels. He still does. In these present
times, His message is embodied not in one person, but in the myriad voices now being heard
all over the earth from the spirit world.

   Most of the current major religions have set into stone, so to speak, the basic tenets of
their faiths. The ideas and beliefs of these religions were established before the Scientific Age
and without, the benefit of scientific methods of evaluation and investigation, and when
mankind in his ignorance was guided by false notions and trepidation. Therefore, they have
prematurely established mankindís relationship to their Creator and their understanding of
the purpose of life in their doctrines, which is why there are so many errors.

   But, we see all major religions value:  right conduct, accept the existence of an immortal
soul, the existence of a Supreme Creator, belief in some kind of afterlife beyond the material
world, and some kind of  judgement regarding our behavior. Beyond these basic principles,
humanity has added their own particular details depending on their level of understanding of
the spiritual truths revealed to them, at that particular time and place in history.

   Another concept, the so-called "Golden Rule" of Christianity, can be found in all major
religions because it is the cornerstone of the Universal Law of Love. God wanted this most
important message to reach all His children.

    Nevertheless, the main error of many traditional religions, due to the intellectual and
moral limitations of man, is to create man-made concepts which exclude their other brothers
and sisters of the planet, in knowing and reaching God, because their sense of  justice is too
small and morally immature to include all humanity, as compared to the Creator with His
Infinite Justice and Mercy. Many peoples cannot comprehend Godís magnanimity on this
issue; His unlimited  Love and unlimited Compassion. But this is what we would expect, since
we are all at different spiritual and moral levels of understanding;  not everyone is ready to
accept and comprehend the Spiritist Doctrineís principle of inclusiveness.
   Mankind, with its lack of spiritual vision, have restricted Godís Infinite Capacity for
Forgiveness and Compassion, by providing for only one material life, in the current Christian,
Moslem, and Jewish beliefs. In these faiths, simplistically stated, good people who follow these
faiths go to heaven, and bad people, and also with those who donít profess belief in these
particular faiths, go to hell. This concept excludes a huge population of the planet from
"salvation" not in keeping with the Supreme Justice of God. But, these religions will
eventually understand that their religionsí early concept of "resurrection" essentially
represented the idea of reincarnation, and, they will learn that "Judgement Day" occurs
continuously and automatically via the law of cause and effect.

   Those religions primarily from the East, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. accept the
important concepts of reincarnation and the law of karma.  But among their followers are
many who erroneously believe that release from suffering can only be accomplished solely
through meditation, ascetic seclusion and exclusion from earthly duties, or through self
torture, in their pursuit of Nirvana.  

   Godís Laws must be separated from humanityís prejudices. The tool to accomplish this is
use of reason in scientific investigation and research. The laws of the Universe are not
supernatural, they are natural; superstition has no place. Man must also learn to reduce his
pride which keeps him from accepting spiritual truths when he does find them.

   Mankind has reached a certain level of spiritual and moral maturity and he has also    
advanced in intellectual capacity in using the scientific method, with these together,science
will support appropriate religious belief. Then humanity will have reached a milestone in its
evolutionary progression wherein, religious faith will be based on reasoned and proven
scientific facts, and faith will be stronger for it.

   Allan Kardec, through his codification of Spiritism (the science of the laws regarding the
interaction between the material and spiritual worlds), has provided a supreme base from
which to continue our study of the universal spiritual laws that govern our lives, here and in
the spirit world.  We have only just begun our work in pursuing understanding of the
mysteries of the universe, of God, and the cosmic religion of Universal Truth!   

                                   Received inspirationally by Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida