The Trials of the Heart Are Hardest To Bear!

The Gospel According to Spiritism,

Chapter 14 -“Of all the trials that exist, the hardest to bear are those which affect the heart.”


  It seems we ourselves can withstand hunger, thirst, and even physical pain more readily
then we can withstand the deep wounds which can be inflicted upon our sensitive hearts from
those we love deeply… when we feel helpless in the various situations of material life, such as:
being subject to ungrateful children or ungrateful parents; suffering abandonment; loving
someone who now says they no longer love you; suffering abuse of any type from relatives and
friends; spouses and lovers who have strayed and betrayed those whom they had pledged their
sincerest love to; our children (our love of loves) involved with drugs, addiction, or worse, and
we have been unable to help them change their self-destructive ways; to see those whom we
love suffering with pain and disease of which we cannot alleviate; watching a loved one die
slowly, a little each day, with a terminal illness; or, suffering the loss of the presence of a dear
loved one who has left this material world before us and we feel we cannot go on in this life
without them.

  During all of these heartaches it seems we are in such a constant emotional turmoil and
under unbearable emotional pain. We may feel anger, sadness, agony, depression, anxiety,
and despair. Our stomach feels like it is tied up in knots and we can’t sleep or eat. Our
endless tears can’t stop the tremendous hurt we feel inside or the breaking of our hearts.   

 But, if one truly believes in what Spiritism teaches, we know that the just causes of such
suffering serve as either expiation, as reparation, and/or as a mission, and as purification for
our souls. We know full well, we ourselves have chosen the trials we would undergo in this
particular existence. We accepted this life and the trials and tribulations that came with it!
And we are not alone, for all suffer upon this earth!

  So many people are curious to know who they were and what they did in their past lives, but
if they knew, they would cry out in embarrassment, sorrow, and guilt, for it is the
repercussions of those deeds in that dark past which has precipitated most of the pain they are
now feeling in the present.

  But, what can we do to ease some of the heartache one feels during theses types of trials?
How can we tolerate such misery? What can be done to make them easier to endure? How can
we face each day with such seemingly overwhelming anguish?

  We need to firmly acknowledge to ourselves that what we are going through, and/or what
our loved one is going through or just went through, is indeed truly just and that we have
actually chosen our particular lot in life, and that it serves a sacred purpose which is for the
progress of our soul. We must forgive any wrong done to us. We must be as strong as we can,
to do whatever is in our power to help those around us, as best as we can, and if we cannot
change them or help them, we must have strong faith and leave them in God’s Most Capable
Hands because nothing happens without the Will of the Supreme Creator. We can also sustain
ourselves with fervent and sincere prayer to our guardian spirit guides, and the Almighty, for
our prayers bring upon us from Above the spiritual fluids that act as a beneficial balm
providing a certain inner calmness to our troubled soul and can help sustain us in our time of
need and crisis, keeping us from desperation.

  You are never alone…there are those in the spirit world, the truest of friends and relatives
from past lives, who love you with the truest of fraternal love, who are empathetic to your
situations, who cry when you cry, and suffer when you do. Your superior spirit guides feel
sympathetic (for they have also suffered in reaching their current level of morality). They
provide you with their spiritual fluids to help ease your heartfelt pain and also provide their
good inspirations (if you listen closely to your inner voice or intuition). Nevertheless, they
know that all your sufferings are of short duration in this one lifetime compared to the vast
horizon before you as an eternal soul. They know if you succeed in sustaining yourself during
even your darkest hour, so much the better for your spirit, for you will enter the spirit world
at the time of your return, much more purified and morally advanced, than when you first
entered this earthly plane in this, your latest incarnation.

 Since God is All Love and Supremely Just, all spirits are created with equal potential, yet
each with their own freewill will take different paths in their spiritual journey, but the Law of
Progress provides that all will reach the same goal of total purification, sooner or later, each
dependent on their own efforts and merits.

Spirit Communication received by Yvonne Limoges