Spiritists’ Responsibilities in Doing Good

                   We are all in different relationships throughout our material life (as children,
siblings, family relatives, parents, spouses, co-workers, citizens, and even as Spiritists, and
mediums) and in these different relationships, we know in our conduct, we should practice
love and charity to all. As Spiritists, we know we are supposed to do no wrong, and all the good
we are capable of doing. We understand that to do all the good we can do, provides for a higher
spiritual maturity. If one professes to be a Spiritist, one must accept this; it is to fully realize
that we are to think first of others before ourselves, that one must do good just for goodness
sake and not out of self-interest; we are to be self-sacrificing; and, we are to accept without
reserve, resentment, or complaint, the fulfillment of the many duties and responsibilities we
have to those in our care and who are around us.

In order to do this, and practice this love and charity towards others, it takes a change in how
we perceive our own wishes and desires. We must stop thinking that we are the only ones who
need to be constantly satisfied or fulfilled or happy. Spiritists know that there is no such thing
as true happiness upon the earth. Humans are imperfect beings who will have suffering in
their lives, in one form or another, due to their very own numerous imperfections.

But, we can strive for a certain inner spiritual peace. This can be accomplished with strong
faith in God regarding His Laws, which allow us to know with surety that nothing happens to
us that we do not deserve, AND, if our conduct be correct and true, we can feel the wonderful
inner satisfaction, when we are accomplishing in our lives, what we are supposed to be doing!

It feels good inside helping and providing service to others!

We can fill an emotional void (in our search of happiness) by knowing we are advancing in our
current life by the accomplishment of our duties. If we receive tokens of gratitude for the
good we do others, this can feel great as well. But, we should also feel this even when we do
not receive acknowledgement for our good deeds to others. God knows what we have done, and
that is the most important thing! Besides, although you may not remember it now, you may
owe much to those who have been placed in your care in this life! You will be atoning for past
life wrongdoings.

As Spiritists, we know that we have had a myriad of lifetimes and, have been and done many
things. This knowledge should allow us to not feel cheated about the life we may wish we could
have. The reason our life’s circumstances are the way they are is because of our own actions
in past lives. If we want to improve our future lives, we must act appropriately and fulfill our
duties and obligations now in this life. As Spiritists, we know this, so we must come to accept
it. So, if we become depressed about our troubles, we must try and snap ourselves out of it.
We must pray to our spirit guides and God for spiritual strength to support whatever we are
going through, because that is what they are there for. We should not wallow in our miseries
as this only makes our situation worse.

Each time we come into the material life, we have agreed to take on certain obligations and
duties. We need to evaluate where we have been placed in the current reality of our lives, to
see where our position puts us, in order to help those around us and who are in our care. To
reject our obligations is to deny what we ourselves have promised to do and to reject God and
His Just Laws, which are for our own betterment. If we do not fulfill our duties we will be very
disappointed when we return to the spirit world, for we will have to go back into the material
world and start all over again, like repeating the same grade again in school.

So what does all this mean, specifically? It means we must without resentment or bitterness,
and in as lovingly a way as possible (for we must be at peace within ourselves regarding our
obligations)… we must do charity and all the good we can do by: taking responsibility for the
raising, nurturing, and care of our children; be loving, respectful, and supportive of our
spouses; go to the assistance of relatives if they need us; love, honor and respect our parents,
and assist them as they get older; be caring and good co-workers and good citizens to our
fellowman, and help all those around us who may need us, as we are able. As Spiritists, we
should try and teach others, who may be receptive, in understanding the principles of
Spiritism. If we are also mediums, we should be fulfilling our duties in regards to the proper
use of this faculty; for mediumship is given to humans by God first for their own moral
betterment and, secondly, for the spiritual and moral education of others.

Each of you have now in your hands, by your conduct in this life, the future circumstances you
will be born into, in your next life and/or lives. Spiritists cannot claim ignorance of the facts.

May your life be one of advancement! You each can succeed, for you have the knowledge and
the means!

                                   Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges