Spiritism - An Alternative to Traditional Religions

   Spiritism was a word coined by French educator Allan Kardec in the 1850's, as the name of
a science and moral philosophy which deals with the description of the interaction of the
material world and the spiritual world, and in addition, its moral and philosophical
implications. This information was revealed by superior spirits transmitted by way of persons
endowed with the faculty of mediumship to the members of Kardec's Society and to others.
The material was catalogued and compiled into several books and published by Allan Kardec.
The information contained in these books are from morally and intellectually superior spirits
who were permitted by the Creator to provide this information in a more scientific and logical
way than done in the past, which before was accomplished by way of allegory or symbolism,
because mankind had intellectually and spiritually matured enough to receive them. Also,
science also had to advance to a certain level as well. Logic and reason are now the order of
the day, not superstition.

  As a science, it studies and describes the realities dealing with the mechanics of the
interaction of the material and spiritual worlds, and the universal laws involved. It explains
the reality of what Life is, because it describes our true natures and the true nature of the
universe. It explains the process of life and death.

  As a philosophy, it describes the purpose of Life, explains the apparent inequities of life and
the cause of human suffering, and it provides for a moral code which explains   what proper
conduct should be and why.

  Its religious aspect supports the fact there exists a Supreme Intelligence, which was the
First Cause and Creator, of all things in existence. Also, that the practice of Love, in all its
aspects, is the only way to full understanding of the Creator.

 The principles of the Spiritist  Doctrine have been used by those who have accepted these
principles for a period of more than 150 years and they have withstood the test of time, up
unto the present. Those who would study these principles should have an open mind, study
them, and accept only what your reason finds acceptable. You should reject anything that goes
against it. This is all we ask. I believe that Spiritism offers a logical and satisfying answer for
the purpose of Life.

  Spiritism is especially for those who cannot accept, or fully embrace, some or all, of the basic
tenets of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Hopefully, you may find more logical and less
superstitious answers to the purpose of Life, more support while undergoing suffering, and
comfort regarding the knowledge it brings regarding the surety of life after death. Spiritism
offers a person more than just "things happen because it is God's Will" and we cannot know
what that is… and, it offers an alternative to the only two current choices of the afterlife,
heaven or hell, …and that alternative is soul evolution.

                                                Written by Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida