The Soul and Music

Music is one of the expressions of the soul; it conveys what words cannot. You realize that at times you cannot express certain ideas or feelings due to the imperfection of the human
language. That is because there is latent within each soul certain sentiments deeper in
meaning than known words can express. Music enables mankind to express… the inexpressible.

When spirits reach a certain level of spiritual and moral advancement, they can express their essence with what would seem as the so-called “music of the celestial spheres”. You cannot begin to imagine the faculties and perceptions that will evolve in mankind. But the germ is there, and this must be expressed; from the drum beats of the savage, to the awe inspiring and wonderful music of your greatest symphonies. What is found on earth is only the tip of the iceberg, barely the tip.

Music is universal and is an emanation from the innermost recesses of the soul, to withhold it is to explode. All mankind will attain the highest expression of this part of their soul, but only through self-amelioration and the will of God.

Spirit Communication received through Yvonne Limoges

(Note: Music also evokes certain emotions in us upon hearing it. We can feel it but it is hard
to describe what we are feeling. How little we know of the immense faculties we will acquire
through centuries of spiritual and moral evolution! YL)