The Sorrows of the World

How sad and sorrowful one feels to see hunger and misery and tragedy and violence in the
world…how our hearts break to see such anguish!

But for those who believe that all suffering has a just cause, one can find strong faith and
firm consolation that every tear shed, every heart broken, every pain and abuse felt, has not
been in vain. Remember, a single material life is but a flash in time compared to the
existence of the immortal soul! Suffering is a short and temporary situation.

Also, what you call “death” is a release from the captivity and the sufferings of this material
world. Upon a soul’s return to the spirit world…the good find rest, care, and love. The
repentant find forgiveness and the guilty receive rehabilitation. Those with evil tendencies
find isolation until they reach out in desperation for that nourishing light from Up High that
will give them the hope that they need, to know that all is not lost, that they can eventually
save themselves, and they have not been abandoned forever. Caring and loving souls are
there to receive all who return to the spirit world, for all spirits are welcomed to their true
home from whence they came and were created!

Know this…a soul spends more time in the spirit world than in the material life (and that is
not counting the time when you return briefly during what you call “sleep”).  

Earth is a backward planet and it will eventually change into one that has more good on it
than evil through the constant exercise of mankind’s freewill towards goodness, charity, and
love (and it will have less natural catastrophes as the planet itself evolves); such is the Law of Progress. The morally superior spirits that are assigned to this planet invisibly guide you all, in spite of yourselves, towards spiritual and moral evolution. You are souls, all equal before the Creator, and you all are on this planet to learn, grow, and better yourselves in every way possible and to help those around you as much as you are able.

Nevertheless, progress is slow and that is why one lifetime is not enough for a soul to reach
its true potential and that is why you all still suffer…but have faith in the knowledge from
the hope that springs eternal due to the universal law providing for successive material
existences as Ordained by the Creator. Every soul must merit (although this may mean a soul temporarily feels sorrow and pain through its own freewill and choices) the happiness that it seeks, and it can only be truly found through unconditional love and spiritual pureness.

Spirit Communication received through Yvonne Limoges