Physical Addictions and Obsessions

Material life can be enjoyed in many ways but mankind always seems to find the ones that are
the most destructive to their mind, body, and soul. Yes, you may enjoy what life in the
material world has to offer but not in a way that harms you or others. This is not the proper
way to use the physical body lent to you in this existence. The harm inflicted affects your
perispirit and your soul and delays its spiritual, moral, and intellectual progression, which is
the true purpose of material life. Moderation in all things is the key to living your life on this
planet but some things are better not utilized at all.

Illicit drugs of all sorts, abuse of the passions, and gratuitous harm inflicted upon your
physical body for perceived pleasure only brings out your animal natures and keeps you from
spiritualizing yourself. These actions also attract droves of spirits who revel in encouraging
you into further abuse, and eventually, if you continue, towards your own self-destruction, for
these spirits can no longer satisfy their wants from the spirit world and use you as their
instruments in trying to do so (in reality to no avail). This lack of true fulfillment on their
part further pushes them into incessantly prodding those in the material world to obsessively
pursue all sorts of vices and passions. Those in the material world become entrapped, not only
by the drugs and/or other addictions and passions they feel they need to make themselves
happy, but become as puppets under the control of these types of spirits in the spirit world as

These harmful so-called pleasures are illusions in the search for true happiness inherent in all
spirits, but these kinds of desires become a destructive addiction and obsession that can never
truly satisfy your inner souls. One becomes involved in a harmful cycle that can be very, very
difficult to break, although your spirit protectors try very hard to help you.

Mankind has freewill and God Helps those who help themselves. Great effort and prayer are
needed for those entangled within the webs of these very material and physical addictions that
are really deceptions for true fun, enjoyment, and happiness. You must realize that drugs, the
abuse of the passions, and gratuitous harm to the physical body causes health problems now,
as you grow older, and is like a slow form of suicide. This affects your soul tremendously!

You need to detach yourself from such devastating wants, desires, and behaviors. Find the fun
you seek and those momentary joys in life in those things that do not cause you harm or,
suffer the terrible consequences. Destructive behaviors affect you in such a way that they
keep you from fulfilling your debts, duties, and the missions you had planned to accomplish in
the material world. If you do not fulfill them, you will have wasted your material lifetime, and
you may return to the spirit world as one of those spirits yourself, who are tortured by their
material and physical wants which can never be satisfied!

True happiness can only come through fulfilling ones obligations, performing good deeds, and
having a clear conscience that creates an inner spiritual solace, and, in those special times and
events that are of rather short duration in a personís life on your earth, because it is a planet
of tests and atonements. When you have raised yourselves enough overall, both spiritually
and morally, you will transform this planet into a much better world where your soul will find
such happiness inconceivable to you now!  
Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges