The Perfect Circumstance

Life is not perfect because humans are not perfect, but one has to eventually come to the
realization, that what is perfect, is the circumstance wherein we find ourselves in life due to
the Laws of Cause and Effect and live contentedly with that knowledge, because the Arbiter of
that Law is God Who is Perfect and All Love and All Justice. So, as Spiritists, in realizing
this…we should get down our hands and knees and humbly thank God for His Perfect law of
circumstances and be grateful to be so very blessed. It takes a certain spiritual maturity to
reach this point in our thinking and in our believing it.

No matter what our circumstance, it is always such as would cause us further intellectual,
spiritual, and moral advancement. But, the responsibility lies with us to take advantage of the
situation, or, repeat the same situations over and over, and, for those who remain so stubborn
they will repeat them within even worse circumstances, until we realize God’s Omnipotent
Authority over our lives in assisting us towards our own purification; as a wise Father towards
His children, no matter how painful we find Life’s experiences. It is easier if we go with the
flow, it is harder if we fight the circumstances and the obstacles.

We can feel more of an inner contentment and an inner spiritual peace when we realize and
accept these Truths; we will have an inner satisfaction one cannot explain.

We are never alone in our trials and tribulations! God helps us to persevere by providing those
around us in the material life (relatives and friends, etc.) and in the spirit world (our spirit
protectors), to inspire and assist us if we but utilize them. We are never given a heavier load
than we can handle in a lifetime. Generally, what we lack in sustaining and accomplishing our
goals in life is moral courage and persistence. We let ourselves become so desperate!  

How horrible for us when we rebel (because we know we weaken at times) against God’s Plan
for us, because of our lack of faith and our human weaknesses in complying with His
Immutable Laws.

    The harsh realities of pain and suffering we undergo are but a sieve to remove the
impurities of our soul! It is the Law that we must work for our own self-improvement in order
to receive its merits. The sooner we understand and accept these facts with calm resignation,
the faster we will reach the state of purified souls who no longer must expiate and atone.

                            Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges