Parents and Their Children

This is a period of transition and the children coming to the planet are undergoing great trials
in a society via the media which encourages violence, sexuality, mind altering drugs, and
competition and apathy towards others.

Many parents are confused, they do not know what to believe or what to teach their children,
so they do nothing. They provide no guidance. They do not know what religion they believe,
they are in turmoil.

Educating the children starts at home with the parents and that environment must be one of
love.  Nurturing the children to love themselves and to love others is learning the universal
law of God. It does not matter what religion one is from, or what specific doctrine one believes,
but - Love is always the Way.

Talk to your children, learn about your children, teach them to think on their own. But, gentle
guidance is necessary so they do not get caught up in the worship of materiality that pervades
the planet, especially in the more modern countries. Help them to understand that we are all
brothers and sisters on this planet and that we must care about each other. What affects one,
affects us all, sooner or later.

Idle time with children can be dangerous and this is where parents can assist in guiding them
towards productive and educational activities. Hours killing cartoon aliens or fighting bad guys
on videos games teaches them what?  Buying material goods which cost exorbitant amounts
teaches them what?

Teach them about the love of knowledge and love of themselves, so they can grow spiritually.
Teach them to love others, so they can serve their fellowman. The ethics of right or wrong is
tested throughout life, are they prepared to make the right decisions which affect their
present and future lives?

Teach them that they are never alone as they have their invisible guides to assist them. Teach
them that prayer provides real results. Let them pour out their hearts to the heavens for their
inspiration. Teach them of God, their Creator, who Knows All and is All Love.

The responsibility is your hands. Ask God for assistance and He will send His ministering
angels to uplift your hearts, inspire in you thoughts of compassion and love, and to provide
you with the moral courage to fulfill your duties to your children. Do the best you can - that is
all He asks!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges