Everyone on this planet undergoes various forms of pain: physical, emotional,
    mental, and spiritual. This is a planet of tests and atonements and pain is a part of this

         There are those who feel pain for not taking care of their physical bodies and
    therefore suffer the ravages inflicted on them, and, the many infirmities and disabilities
    that are due to gross and material appetites of all types.
    There are those who feel the excruciating pain of disease, and also the suffering of going
    through all manner of humiliations, dependence on others, feeling helpless, despondent,
    and depressed.

         There are those who feel the pain of being unloved, unappreciated, and unfulfilled.
    There are those who feel the pain of being slighted, being ignored, and feel their
    accomplishments are not recognized.

         There are those who suffer abuse, terror, torture, and the like, in all types of
    situations, sometimes even from those they love. There are those who feel the painful
    anguish of losing loved ones, especially children or parents…to disability, tragedy, and
    death. There are those who feel that God has forsaken them and feel a tremendous
    spiritual pain…an extreme inner void of nothingness.

         But all this pain is not punishment inflicted arbitrarily upon you by the Creator; it is
    the direct consequences of the choices you have made either in this life or in a past one.
    This being the case, one must bear this pain with strong faith in God’s Supreme Justice,
    and with as positive attitude as one can muster, realizing that there are many  worse off
    then you are. Pray fervently to the Creator and your guardian angels (those superior
    protector spirits) who love you and want you to support and bear successfully the trials,
    tests, and atonements you selected to undergo in your present lifetime, for there is a
    just cause for your pain. Remember, a spirit must support pain with uncomplaining
    courage in order to truly progress.

         Instead of looking inward upon the pain in yourself, look outward with love and
    affection to those who can aid you, to those who may care about your situation and be
    grateful, read about the martyrs of this world who were without sin but voluntarily
    suffered pain as examples of moral courage to mankind to help in its progression, and
    look to those Up High who can send down to you the spiritual fluids which act as a balm
    to provide a certain serenity for your souls, an inexplicable inner peace, and a strong
    faith so you can support whatever pain in this lifetime you have inflicted upon yourself.

          Only through the crucible of pain can a spirit actually transform itself from the
    gross material form it now has… into the ethereal, resplendent, and purified soul that is
    its ultimate goal. This valuable knowledge should give you the hope you need to endure
    your pain, to rise above it, for meriting this final achievement will make the effort all
    the more glorious! Be strong, have faith, and may God Bless you all!
Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges