There exist particular beings who have been endowed with certain faculties that relate more to
their physical constitution than their intellectual or moral abilities, who with the assistance of
these faculties place themselves in contact with beings in the Spirit world. Who in this way
disclose themselves to be related to those on Earth. Showing them that while they have left
their earthly life, they are giving them proof of their continued existence in a real and positive

These people are called `mediums’, because they serve as intermediaries or better yet as
interpreters between spirits and people on earth. They are doing a great service in the world in
the moral sense. Because through them we know our past history since they are truly the
echo of our past lives. It is in this way that humanity has been slowly progressing and coming
out of obscurity. From which it had been wrapped in since the infancy of mankind. It truly is
something that is beautiful and exciting because it is in this way that the dilemma of
immortality of the soul has been unveiled.

We now know that through practice and study that today we know positively these facts and it’
s not because some scholarly person has told us, but because it has been demonstrated by the
fact that the spirit is itself is immortal. The use of mediums has given us this proof. Mediums
not only serve the purpose of showing us the truth that there truly are Spirits, but also it gives
us proof of the existence of the Spiritual world.

Mediums not only serve the purpose of showing us the existence of the Spirit world but also
the immortality of our Spirits. Apart from the fact that they show us that we can make
contact with our loved ones that have passed on, but also we should consider them as
instruments of moral progress for all of us. Due to the fact that we are able to communicate
with the Spirit world we also get to know the beautiful doctrines that are destined to inundate
the world with knowledge.

Keep in mind that Prof. Allan Kardec would never have been able to show us the truth that
exists in the Spirit world without them, which is the immortality of our soul. But it also serves
as something more, which is that without them Spirits would have not been able to show that
they existed. Which is something that has happened since the beginning of time. How
wonderful is their mission! They are the priests of the religion of the future, by means of
them we are able to resolve great problems which without them humanity would not have been
able to do so.

If all mediums were to understand the nature of their mission they would not fall into the
grave errors that many of them do. They would then not fall into ridicule and be the brunt of
their enemies that do not want the truth known. Spirits communicate themselves to the
mediums according to the sympathy they feel for them. Then as soon as the mediums begin to
gain the admiration of those hearing them, some fall into tangles of confusion and error.

Why does this happen? Why is it that we see a medium give a wonderful conference that upon
hearing it we are transported into spheres happier than ours, in which we live in due to the
backwardness of our planet. Then, occasionally we also see the medium from whose mouth
came forth such beauty, saying boring and ridiculous nonsensical things? Why is this?

This happens due to lack of education, charity and humility. We are speaking of being
educated in Spiritual subjects, not the material ones. Also vanity and pride are two of the
things that can destroy a medium. If a medium does not want to fall into the clutches of
imperfect spirits that will drag him into perdition and obsession. They have to educate
themselves and attempt to follow the teachings in
The Mediums Book regarding procedure and
conduct. Otherwise they will find that they will then open themselves to Spirits that will have
over them. Then that type of spirit will make him the toy of his caprices.

This is why mediums should be humble and if their communications are censured by people
they should not get upset. Because possibly they may have had a band placed over their eyes
and cannot see their errors. Since possibly they be in the clutches of a Spirit that is fascinating
them, telling that they are great mediums but in reality they are not.

Instruction, charity and humility, these are three great words, plus together with conducting
themselves always above reproach, is the way mediums will attract to themselves superior
spirits. And with them will come with much radiance, which will form about them a veritable
wall. Which then will make them unapproachable to evil spirits.

Try to always follow and practice the advice of our wise Teacher Jesus if you wish to be a good
interpreter of “The Spirit of Truth”! Mediums you are the selected ones and the ones that
were chosen to speak the truth. You have been given the opportunity to progress and instead
you have chosen to stay in the shadows. Where you shall remain for a long time unless you
are able to imitate as much as you can the, Jesus who was sent by God to teach us how to love
and to suffer life’s trials. Which then propel us along the path of spiritual truth, which is the
only path that will conduct us towards the mansion of the chosen ones !

NOTE: The above article comes to us from a booklet that we received from our Spiritist
friends in Spain. It is part of a collection of stories that Miss Amalia Domingo Soler wrote in
her Newsletter called
The Light of the Future. She authored these articles from the year 1879
till 1899. An ardent follower of Professor Allan Kardec, all of her work followed to the letter
his teachings, this booklet is in Spanish. Those of you who aspire to be mediums read the
above carefully and do your utmost to follow on its wise advice. Make use of your gift and use
it only for good purposes. Never use it for your own glorification or for monetary gain.
Remember that as we are, think and act, that’s the Spirit following that we will attract about
us. Always do what is right and proper and you will benefit when you return to the Spirit
world. Read and study
The Mediums Book by Kardec and follow its wise advice always !

Translated and edited by Edgar Crespo,
The Spiritist Society of Florida