Lula - A Doctor From the Spirit World
                                             (August 2003)

My father is going to be 74 years old this month yet, he remembers as a child of about five
years old receiving "magnetic passes" by a spirit, who called herself "Lula"  coming through a
medium at the front table of his Spiritist Center in New York City. All the children were
called up front, as everyone would softly proclaim "Lula is here!"

Now "Lula" communicates through that very same child, through the mediumship of my
father, the director of his own Spiritist Center. And how wonderful it is when she comes!
Everyone who knows her, can tell when she communicates, her manner and speech is so
familiar to us, she acts and speaks as if she is a little old lady. She is always so humble and
kind; she brings the rest of the mediums at the table to tears, filling them with spiritual joy!

She calls us "her children" and proceeds to tell us how much she loves us. She blesses us all
and inspires us greatly with her words brought from up high. She is a morally superior spirit
yet, she is so humble and so down to earth.

She tells us of "the plants" she has brought from the spirit world. We watch as the  medium’s
hands start twisting and squeezing something invisible to non-mediums above the glasses of
water she has requested for everyone. She tells us all to drink the water while thinking of
God, Our Celestial Father, and of His Goodness and His Greatness.

When it is time, for each person who desires it, they come up to the medium for magnetic
passes. The medium sees what she sees; her look is as if it is an x-ray machine, seeing dark
spots where there are physical problems and nice pink areas where things are fine. She can
zero in on everyone’s particular physical ailment. It never ceases to amaze me how accurate
and detailed she is and how surprised the people are, when she tells them what she sees. She
then gently provides advice regarding each situation. Many times she has advised those with
problems to go to their doctor regarding very specific ailments which were unknown to the
person, which are then found by their physicians. How wonderful! The spiritual and material
worlds working together for our physical health!

She also provides her special fluids to provide for our spiritual health. We are spiritual beings
and the fluidic nature of our spirits pick up negative energies which can make us feel
physically ill and/or affect our moods. She disperses these types of energies replacing them
with positive spiritual fluids which revitalize and cleanse our spirits and our ambiance. She
always seems especially pleased to see the children when they come up to receive their passes.

How beautiful and wonderful that God has permitted this spirit Lula to be able to visit with us
at our Center and we always feel so very blessed by her presence. Her words inspire, her
passes rejuvenate us, physically and spiritually! May God Bless her!

Written by Yvonne Limoges  
The Spiritist Society of Florida