To our Loved Ones in Spirit

     Dear loved ones, you who were family and friends, may I count all of you as family,
because we are all God's children and as such we are all related. Writing this message to let
you know that you have not been forgotten and never will be.

     You that were dear to us, and are not now here, we love you still. Some of us can see you
and communicate with you, some others cannot, but, we all care for you. And, knowing that
you have not been lost to us makes us feel good. Thanks to Spiritism that comprehensive
belief we have, we know of your existence, and that one day we all will be together as before.

What a relief it is to know that you have not been lost to us forever, and that you are near at
hand, can see, and hear us. Dear loved ones, do not despair if some of us cannot see you, nor
hear you. We know of your existence in the Spirit world. When you come to our sessions you
will see that our love and affection is still the same for you.

Thanks to Spiritism, we have sessions, and we communicate with those so called `dead'. They
may be dead to some, but not to us. They are around us and we know this, and they care for us
still. Without our belief, where would we be?

For those of you that are in Spirit, and while here did not learn about our belief, this is what it
is and what it stands for.

1- life continues after material death 2- Spirits do not die only your outer covering is lost [the
body] 3- You can see us, but we cannot see you [except mediums] 4- you see yourself as you
were, that's as it should be. [your true-self]

Listen to the counsel given by your guides, they will take you to classes where you will learn
about the above in more detail. You will learn the wonders of the Universe and your reason for

You will learn the true purpose of our existing, which is, to progress Spiritually. [this applies
to us in the material world also]

Those of you that passed away during sickness, please know that you will be treated with
Spiritual medicine, eventually you will not have need of this medicine. Go to the classes with
an open mind, and all of this will be explained.

We care for you, we enjoy hearing from you when permission is granted for you to come to
our sessions. Our prayers are always with you, God willing you will hear them with calmness
and fortitude. So that what you are going through now will pass, and you will be able
to obtain immeasurable Spiritual health.

When we are studying Spiritist books, ask permission to be with us, so that we all can learn
together, and you also will learn with us. Isn't it wonderful that this can be done, what other
Doctrine can say this ? Only "Spiritism" because there is no other that we know of.

If we cry out and call your name forgive us, we should know better than to get you upset. We
should know that this will get you to our side, and it'll not be beneficial for either of us. We
will try and face life's tribulations without calling out for you. We know that you love us, and
will help us if you can.

May you realize that you are still you, you have not changed one bit, the only change is your
change of residence, from the material to the true one the Spiritual world, where you are now
and we also will one day.

May God our Father grant you the wisdom to understand what we are saying in this message
which; “that we love you and always will”. Do not have apprehension about trying to
understand life in the Spirit world, accept it calmly, because you are there now. All of
this will be fully explained to you, let yourself be guided and do not have any hesitation about
going with those Spiritual guides that are about you. They care for you and have your best
interests in mind.

We will continue to have you in our prayers, you that were dear to us, and now are
temporarily absent from our sight. But, this condition is only momentary, eventually all of us
will join you in the Spirit world, it also is our true home. Come to our sessions with an open
mind and you will learn much, then this sense of apprehension that you may have, will slowly
leave you. We then can learn much from each other.

Dear Father, bless all of us, on this backward planet called Earth, and in the Spirit world. We
are all Your children, may we never forget You, and what You stand for. May we all have a
better understanding of what life is all about, together with a satisfactory grasp of the
beauty of Spiritism. Because this knowledge will not only help us to lead better lives here, but
also help the lives of our loved ones in the Spirit world.

May we all study and start to comprehend the beauty that has been given us, fully appreciating
this gift that God has granted us in this present incarnation. This gift of knowledge of what
awaits us when one future day we enter the Spiritual world. Thanks to the efforts of Prof.
Allan Kardec, who codified this belief, and the many Spirits who contributed to his work. We
all are now benefiting from their work.

This moral philosophy and science all combined in one! Oh how wonderful I find it, dear
Father, bless me and mine, may I who work in these endeavors take heed of what I'm
learning, otherwise, I will then most assuredly will be greatly responsible in Your Eye's!

Bless all of our efforts, and may we grow spiritually always!

Written by Ed Crespo