Joan of Arc - A Superior Spirit

Those who would presume to have very superior spirits communicating at their Spiritist Centers, at their beck and call or, on a very frequent basis, beware! Do not become the dupe of those false spirits who may be intelligent, but are frauds and will try to flatter you with words that seem so full of wisdom, but are truly empty. Superior spirits communicate with mortals rarely, and when they do, it is generally brief and to the point.

There is a spirit, who we believe to be morally superior, who has visited our Center, who identifies herself as Joan of Arc. This spirit has communicated, on and off, at our spirit sessions, throughout the many years.

Could the spirit communication we have been receiving be a proxy spirit (one who is sent in her place)? Yes, maybe. But, maybe not. Very superior spirits have the moral and spiritual elevation to appear at several places at once. Such is their power! Could she be a fraud? Letís consider her communications. Then, you judge!

When Joan of Arc comes to us, those mediums who can sense her, are immediately overwhelmed with powerful emotion and come to tears. We can feel her spiritual potency!

She generally presents herself to the mediums who see her, standing boldly in full shining body armor, holding firm a standard and flag, flying in the breeze. This banner, she now tells us, is a symbol which represents Spiritism and its advancement on this planet. She states that this is what she fights to reveal to mankind now. She speaks briefly. Her words are always clear, full of pureness, and extremely inspirational.

She tells us to continue our work in the field of Spiritism and for us to carry our  "own banners" high and in a manner "sacred and pure." At times, the mediums see that she has enlarged the banner that she holds, wrapping it around all present, in a symbolic gesture of blessing us. All present, feel spiritually fortified and emotionally moved. How wonderful we feel! We believe it is her, or at the very least, a superior spirit sent in her place, for a good and honest purpose.

How magnificent these rare visits by these types of spirits, so full of love and pureness, from Up High! How low we are, morally and spiritually, from their greatness!

Thank you, God Our Supreme Father, for allowing these morally high beings, to come down to their spiritually younger brothers and sisters on this planet, who are still suffering with their human frailties! How much we need their encouragement, to pull us out of the depths of miseries of our own making, in order for us to strive harder to reach morally high, and to know that there exists a better place, one we can aspire to, and one day reach!

Received inspirationally by Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida