Your Infinite Soul!

Your scientists have shown you pictures from their telescopes that give you a very small glimpse
into the immensity that is the universe, for it goes on and on… Think of a barrier, and what
would be behind it? Such is “Infinity”! Your minds cannot fully comprehend it.

Your soul should be viewed the same… Created and then growing, developing, learning, and
passing through various stages…in all aspects of intellectual, spiritual, and moral levels.

Looking only at your present lifetime situation is to mentally block out the infinite lives you will
have in your future, and to forget those myriad of ones you have already had in your long, long

You have lived more than a thousand, upon thousand of lives, and the one you are in now, is but
a blink in the eye of eternity!

Yes, in the present you prepare for your future life and lives, but do not become despondent that
this life is so full of sorrow and pain, or you have not fulfilled an intimate ambition, or that your
situation is pathetic and sad. You have already been many times rich, poor, tall, short, ugly,
beautiful, etc., etc. You have experienced many, many things not currently manifested in your
current personality. Only a small portion of who you are is revealed. There is knowledge that
has been withheld from you for this material lifetime (so you can grow in other areas) that you
will only know about when you return to the spirit world. There you will see yourself for what
you truly are. A spirit full of experience and with knowledge of numerous ages past!

So those who believe in the immortality of the soul can mentally put your life’s woes and moral
pleasures into perspective. Be tranquil. Be good and learn your lessons well. Use what resources
you have in this life to better yourself, and others, in as many ways as possible.

When you know in your heart that your soul lives on into eternity, you can be at ease within
this life. You can fully enjoy what blessings and simple joys you may have, and, you can support
what trials you yourself have chosen in this present life to learn and progress, because you know
they are of such short duration when compared to the spiritual horizon of the infinity before you!

                               Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

                                                        November 30, 2004