Inequality of Wealth and Resources

The rich oppress the poor, and this is how it always has been. But, more awareness of the
injustices of man-against-man will appear.  This awareness will provide a movement across the
world which will bring a redistribution of the resources of the earth, this will be done with the
divine intervention that is necessary. Mankind knows what is right and wrong in this matter
and its unified consciousness will force the change in events.

When a multitude is outraged and have feelings of sympathy, they call out to space wherein
we hear the spiritual cry. Like attracts like, always. When these good feelings of sympathy
call out, those on earth will be invigorated by those in the invisible world, and supreme action
will be empowered.  This process will be repeated, to the responses of concern, over all the
inequities involving people who require the basic essentials to life.

Materiality is like a disease. It is contagious. The importance of wealth and of the acquiring of
more and more useless items overwhelms the senses. The sensual feeling of acquiring wealth
and material goods intoxicates. It takes a strong and clear mind to see the reality that
material “things” mean nothing. The spirit is weakened, not strengthened by this sickness.

The simple life that is not distracted by materiality is the more spiritual and the more valuable
for the future of your soul. Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus may be extreme examples to you, but,
these souls spent their lives concentrating on the appropriate priorities in their material

You are only on the earth a short time and you do not own anything. You arrive and leave
with nothing but your good and bad deeds. Your body will turn to dust and your material
possessions left to others who care little for them. The time will arrive one day when it will be
an embarrassment to possess so much.   

Your people are starving yet there are people who spend millions on jewelry that will sit in a
drawer. You pay millions to sports figures who glorify violence, yet your people have no money
for medicine. Celebrities exhibit no shame parading before the masses in their expensive
attire, while children go without appropriate clothing to protect themselves from the
elements.  Everyone should be outraged!

 The time has come to reassess your values and change this world of yours.

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges