We Are All Imperfect Humans!

   All upon the earth are imperfect and do the best they can to get by in this world of sorrows.
Each person is touched, in one form or another, with his or her own troubles, trials,
catastrophes, calamities, and disasters. No one escapes from this because being human, people
make mistakes, make errors of judgment, do nothing when they need to, or do too much
when they need do nothing; and this puts into effect the law of cause and effect; whether in
this life, or in the next. One undergoes either an immediate reaction or a delayed reaction.

   But, during all this, the most important thing is whether people have learned through their
experiences, regarding what has occurred. Have they supported with courage what they were
going through? Have they understood what they need to do for the next time? Have they come
away from a lesson in life which improves their spirit and makes it stronger, more humble,
more loving, more empathetic, more sympathetic, more caring, more persevering, more

   It is the conflicts and trials and tests that you have amongst each other that help foster
growth and development among yourselves. No one would advance if everyone stayed to
himself or herself. It is only in daily struggles with each other, as individuals, as groups, and
as nations, in various relationships that fosters intellectual, moral, and spiritual maturity and

   It is this interaction that helps people to separate “the wheat from the chaff;” this
interaction (sometimes which are very painful experiences) is that which separates the
superstitions, the prejudices, the mental barriers humans place upon themselves, and other
things, from what will help mankind to find their proper way and to find the ultimate truths of

   Do not become disheartened or discouraged when things seem to fall apart, when people or
things are a disappointment, or difficulties seem beyond reparation or a resolution.
Experiences teach lessons. If nothing is learned through the whole experience that is the

   Life is full of struggles but that is what purifies the soul!

                                                             Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges