How Can I Strengthen My Belief?

You must open your heart, sincerely and honestly, by starting a conversation through fervent
prayer with God and His protector spirits. The fluidic link that this will establish, if you take
the effort to do it, will allow the spiritual fluids to penetrate and surround you, this will inspire
feelings you will have never felt before. These inspirations will lead you to believe in yourself
and in All Powerful God. You will gain a spiritual strength of which you never realized

Talk more consistently to your guardian angel (your protector spirit) and talk to God. Ask for
help and this belief you want, because you know it is good and will make you strong. God loves
you and waits so patiently for all His children to reach out to Him. You will never be

What can you say to Him?  Start with…that you love Him for creating you and giving to you
all those around you who love you. Thank Him for creating the beauty of Nature and the
wondrous Universe. Thank Him for the many blessings you have, for there are always those
worse off than you. Ask for the spiritual help you know you need.  

A long time ago, Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find” and this still holds true. You must make
the first move. Ask for God’s help in understanding Him and in understanding yourself.

Prayer is the key to strong belief and strong faith. Only you, yourself, can start the process.
But, when you do it with firm determination, you will be amazed on how strong you will
inwardly feel…. Oh, how powerful and sure you will feel about what is right and wrong to
guide your actions. You will be without fear! You will have no doubt that God is with you, and
with that inner spiritual power, you can be and do anything if it’s for your own good and the
good of others.  

May God Bless you all and be strong! You all can do this! We, who are your spirit guides are
with you and are waiting. Call on us!

                             Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges