For Those Who Attend Spirit Sessions                     

God Bless all those who come this morning!  Search deep within your hearts to see if you know
the true reason that you come here…

Those mediums that transmit the messages from us in the spirit world should come with the
firm resolve to fulfill their sacred duty without pride because the messages that you receive
are not from you. You are only the instrument to be used so that the Creator’s teachings may
be revealed. And all here please know, that interaction with the spirit world between those in
the material world (whether a medium or not) should be an active communion. There are
many reasons you come:

You seek advice for what may be going on in your material lives, sometimes you receive it,
other times you do not. You faith may be tested, but nevertheless your presence shows
humility to the Divine Will.

You seek consolation for your sufferings. Here, as Spiritists, you are reminded that all
suffering serves a Divine purpose for the purification of your soul.

You seek inspiration from us to lift you up with the spiritual strength to support the tasks you
have chosen and the sufferings you deserve in this lifetime. Your guides come to tell you they
love you and they try to ease your troubles with their beneficial fluids. Generally, they cannot
stop the trials you must undergo, but can only help alleviate them.  

But, open you ears and your hearts at the spirit session! For you must be receptive to receive
the benefits of this spirit communion. You must put your part through resignation and faith
ever strong in the Wisdom of the Creator. You must be humble to absorb these beneficial
fluids we bring to ease the pain within your souls and bodies. Concentrate on what happens
here and leave your mundane cares outside these walls and seek spiritual knowledge and
solace, away from the trivial cares of the world!

Pray sincerely and fervently; don’t be passive. Truly listen carefully to the spirit
communications and learn from those spirits who admit they have made mistakes they now
cannot take back. Learn about the spiritual and moral laws that can save you so much
heartache and put them into action in your own lives….God Helps those who help themselves.
You merit wherein you have made that effort to fulfill the duties that have been designated to
you in this lifetime. Complaining and murmuring is no good, for all suffer, and you as
Spiritists, should learn here how to suffer well. Have resignation, be self-sacrificing, and have
strong faith that nothing happens without just cause.

Finally, you should come in adoration of the Omnipotent Creator Who is All Love and All
Compassion because all His children eventually reach Him. The door of redemption is never
closed, how fast you reach your goal of a purified spirit is up to you!

(Spirit communication received at The Spiritist Society of Florida by Yvonne Limoges - April
29, 2005)