The family unit is the most important and primary learning ground for spirits who have
incarnated into the material plane of existence from the spirit world. The particular family a
spirit is born into, is the ideal place where the spirit (based on their actions or non-actions on
ties with others from previous material existences) can expiate and/or make reparation
regarding those immediately around them, which provides the spirit the most perfect
circumstance for their own personal spiritual growth

Once spirits have reached a certain level of development, prior to incarnating, they know
what spirits will become their parents and also their children. There is a perfect reason and
cause for everything in the universe, so the placement of specific spirits together in the
closest of relationships as in a particular family, also has a just and good cause. If each spirit
will take advantage of their unique situation in the family, it can provide them maximum
spiritual development and evolution for a particular lifetime.

The parents have the responsibility to love, nurture (in all aspects), and educate all their
children (or others who may be in their direct care) to the best of their abilities. The children
in their turn, are to learn from them, and to love and respect their parents. Both parties are
together to learn valuable life lessons from each other, some of which may be very painful,
but the causes are always just because God is All Love.

In the continuation of this process of incarnating spirits in individual families, groups of
spirits incarnate as family groups. Each family group constituting an entity unto itself which
differs intellectually, socially, spiritually, and morally. All groups of families are at different
levels of growth and development in these areas. If a spirit advances more than the group as a
whole, it may move into another more advanced group of souls, which will better serve to
further its spiritual and moral development.

As we all incarnate into the different groups of individual family units, and into groups of
families, we evolve in all areas. It is the exercise of our mutual love for each other
individually in a family unit, and then in a whole family group, which will help us to develop,
evolve, and expand our love, from these individuals, to finally all of humanity.

Love for single individuals is restrictive and conditional; many times possessive, sensual, and
very material, and although a very important first step, it is a very limited love. But, love
which has evolved to the point where it truly encompasses all of humanity, is an unlimited
unbounded love, without the imperfect human frailties and tendencies of exclusivity or, of self-
interest. So, keeping all the above in mind, we must each strive hard to fulfill our duties and
responsibilities of love for those within our own family and within our own family groups;
helping and loving each other as best we can (although at times we may experience
ungratefulness or even hostility), in order to develop and expand our imperfect human love
into a more morally pure, spiritually advanced, and infinite love for all of humanity… for we
are all brothers and sisters (all spirits) of the same Creator.

                                   Received inspirationally by Yvonne Limoges

                                           The Spiritist Society of Florida