Reincarnation  - the Great Equalizer

    Oh Humanity, when will you stop judging your fellowman? Why must you look for
differences amongst yourselves instead of seeing how much you all have in common? You are
all the children of the same Father,the Creator Who Loves and Watches over all of you!

    You are all human beings! All of you have the same biological and spiritual heritage and all
live on the same planet. What rights one has, should be the rights of all!

    Those who would find fault with another no matter what the cause: whether race, religion,
ethnic background, wealth or poverty, nationality, sex, or any other differences you may
identify, woe unto you! Do not think you will not bring upon yourself, the same animosity and
prejudice and wrongful acts you have directed towards your own brothers and sisters! When
you warm or do violence towards others, you do it to yourself! Such is the Law of Reincarnation
and Cause and Effect.

    Reincarnation equalizes all before God’s Eyes! Who may now be a Protestant in this life, in
another may be reborn into a Catholic family; a Moslem may be reborn later as a Jew; a man
may be reborn as a woman; a person of one nationality may be reborn within his enemy’s
nation; and vice versa in all these cases.

    You must view everyone solely as a human being, the lowest common denominator amongst
you all upon the earth, and look upon each other, as either your brother or your sister.  

Spirit message received by Yvonne Limoges