The Crucible of Physical Pain

For those who suffer from physical pain console yourselves for nothing happens without just
cause, for the Creator is All Love. But, it is a love that a father has for his children, who
teaches us through trial and error and by our own merit. Therefore, we reap what we sow until
we have spiritually and morally matured through our own efforts.  

Spiritism teaches us that if we suffer, we are either expiating our past life indiscretions,
and/or have accepted a test of our faith, and/or have accepted a mission to incite compassion in
others while also using it as a means towards the further purification of our souls.

Remember, we are never given a load heavier than what we can handle and so we must gather
up all the spiritual strength we can in order to fulfill our duties and obligations in this lifetime
without complaint.  

We are also never alone in our sufferings for we have our guardian spirit protector who is our
truest friend. This spirit sees all our sorrows and tries, if we let them, to raise us above our
pain. They try to ease our sufferings (although they usually cannot take them away due to the
law of cause and effect) with helpful suggestions that calm our souls and ease our minds in
order for us to become more serene, accepting, and resigned to our situation. We also have
the spirits of friends and relatives who love and care for us, and those in this world too, who
try to help us as best they can.

The Creator Has also given us another tool to assist us in the trials and tribulations of life and
that is through PRAYER. Cry out to God and His Messengers at your most poignant
moments of suffering that seem like torture and you will feel, if you merit it, those beneficial
spiritual fluids from Up High that will keep you from those feelings of despair and

Be resigned my friends, for one material life is of very short duration, each pain suffered with
honest resignation is putting you one step higher on the ladder of your spiritual and moral
regeneration and will help transform your soul.  

Your physical body upon death converts to ashes but a submissive soul carrying his pain with
humility will be released from its captivity transformed into a soul purified, light, and
resplendent into the spirit world. So be strong! Your rewards will be great but will only be
realized there; for in the afterlife, will you find the gentle care and needed repose you have
earned, like a brave soldier after a terrible battle.

                                                                  Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges

[Note: While caring for my husband, who died of cancer in August 2004, I came down with
systemic erythematosus lupus that causes extreme joint pain. It is a new chapter of
experience in my life. I dedicate this writing to all those who suffer. - Y.L.]