The Creator and Prayer

  Have you forgotten that there is a Supreme Intelligence that influences all within this entire
Cosmos? Do you think this Great Wisdom does not influence those on your planet? Do you
truly believe that the Messengers sent from Up High do not receive orders for the sublime
executions of the Omnipotent Will?

 You go about your business in life and think you are the sole arbiters of your destiny, solely
influenced by the law of cause and effect, but your actions and prayers can also influence your
destiny and the Supreme Will can concede to a request that does not break or disrupt the
immutable Laws of the Universe.

 How prideful mankind is! Prayer is the instrument to your salvation!

 In everything you do and in all that you propose, prayer to that Invincible and Almighty
Power that exists, can provide you with what you need to sustain yourselves, to succeed in the
courses of action if they are for the good of yourselves and others. If you also have the
strongest faith in that Power, than even more so will come that unwavering assistance which
ever awaits for mankind to raise their eyes to God, instead of looking below for answers to
those just as imperfect as yourselves.  

 Do not distance yourself from the Celestial Father! Prayer is the Religion of your Creator!
There are no human conditions set to it. Prayer is a simple but powerful and sacred
communion with God when said with conviction and belief and from the heart that carries no
dogma or imperfect man made rules.

 The merits of the action of prayer are always rewarded. You may not understand the results
(for they may not be answered in the way you wanted) but it is always answered nevertheless,
in many ways not yet understood by your imperfect intellect.

 So wake up in your material world with a prayer upon your lips and with strong fervor in
your heart that if your intentions are for good your requests will be heard but trust the
Creator to answer them with the Wisdom of the Ages and Knowing more than you, to do what
is in your best interests. May God Bless all of you and pray!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges
January 2005