True Charity

     How easy it is to rationalize why you should not do this or that, when it comes to assisting
people who may be in need. How easy it is to be settled in your ways and not let your heart
open to more charity because you think you have done enough. How easy it is to be nice to
those who are nice back to you, or only to your own family, or those who make you feel good,
or to those to whom you can tolerate.

     But, true charity involves sacrifice and for those whose hearts are too hardened to see
this; they still have lessons to learn in material life.

     Doctors don’t go treat those who are well; they treat all those who need help no matter

     It is the same with true charity. It does not matter the motives, the sentiments, the
wrongdoings, or bad behaviors of the person (s) who are the object of that charity. If you can
help them, assist them in any way; to not do so because you think you have done enough, is

     We mostly do charity of convenience and that is easy! It is when you go out of your way,
when you may feel discomfort, when you think this could really be an inconvenience, but do it
anyway because it is the right thing to do, then you have learned the true meaning of charity.

     So, help those no matter who or how they are, you have a duty to help those in need. Who
are you to question their motives or judge them? Each of us has imperfections and all of us
will be in a time of need, on day or another. Will there be someone who will take the time for
you when you’re in need?

     Open up your hearts! There is no limit to how much charity a person can give and, those
who help others receive help themselves from the good spirits who second their actions!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges
December 8, 2004