The Changing World

The world is changing and we are at a turning point in earth’s moral history.  Spiritists have
the knowledge that those individuals who cannot fit into this world because they are too
spiritually backward, will be relegated to another world more in keeping with their
inclinations. Their time will come later in another time and place.

The time has been appointed wherein only those at a certain level of moral, intellectual, and
spiritual development will be allowed to incarnate upon this earth. The destiny of this planet is
at stake and God does not leave its progression solely in the hands of an imperfect
humankind, who left to their own devices would end in disaster.

Yes, you have freewill and this allows humans to indulge themselves into all forms of excess
and God must allow His more perfected creatures to periodically remind mankind of its
destiny. Those whom you may call divine and who have come upon the earth at different times
throughout history, are those brothers and sisters who have already achieved a certain
amount of  higher spirituality.

What you consider chaos is a Plan within plans. The Creator Knows before you know, always,
and freewill does not impede His Will. What will be, will be, throughout the universe, and how
little man knows of this. The Laws of Creation are beyond humankind’s comprehension, you
are but in grade school in comprehension.

There are other worlds where the beings, God’s creatures, have advanced wherein you could
not conceive.  They pity your childishness and pray for your redemption.  They are aware of
other so-called civilizations in the far reaches of space.  God in His wisdom has left vast space
between worlds as protection for those who do not practice the law of love.

Be mindful of your actions, you have now a choice before you. Proceed forward on this world,
or be sent from the paradise to-be. Love must be the Way, as all the prophets have
forewarned. Love is the key and this sentiment turned into action is what improves the soul.

                  Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges