Acceptance for the Concept of Reincarnation Has Come

  If we truly believe in a Creator Who is All Love and Goodness, why does suffering exist? It
is obvious that suffering is rampant upon this planet, in one form or another, and that no one
escapes it and many people suffer things that seem random with  no apparent cause.   

  Science tells us every effect must have a cause. Reason tells us that suffering must have a
just cause because all suffering must be in conformance with the Perfect Justice of God’s All
Powerful Goodness. This also means we cannot receive punishments arbitrarily. Then what is
the answer to the question: “Why do good people suffer?” The only logical answer is the
spiritually mature concept of reincarnation through it laws of cause and effect based upon the
choices people make through their thoughts, words, and deeds.  The inequities of life only
appear unfair because of mankind’s limited perspective, for it must look out beyond the
horizon of one lifetime into the infinity of the plurality of existences to find the reasons for
Life’s sorrows. One lifetime is but only one link in a long chain of lives.

It is high time for mankind to begin to accept this fact…for it is the only concept where
mankind will truly find solace while upon this material world and where reason can provide a
solid faith to sustain it.  

Mankind suffers the results of its choices in order to learn lessons that in turn assist in its
soul’s progression and moral purification. A human being cannot sufficiently progress and
learn all that it needs to learn in one lifetime; to have only one chance to get things right, and
then either go to heaven or to the eternal damnation of hell is not in keeping with the
Goodness of the Creator.

The Creator Knows the past, present, and future, as the Creator is All Knowing. It would go
against God’s Supreme Justice to create beings already known to be doomed to hell or to
create others, already knowing  they would “be saved” and could go to heaven. If this was the
case that would mean that the Creator was playing favorites and that is unfair even to a mere
human’s sense of justice!

Neither does it truly make sense that a person may have one horrible or one relatively good
lifetime then, continue to supposedly evolve in the afterlife or spirit world or beyond. One can
learn all one likes, but it is only when one puts knowledge into practice, that is when a person
is put to the real test of its will power and determination. It is also the only way the soul
actually transforms itself through a progressive purification process. It would be like going to
school forever but never using or testing the knowledge attained in one’s field of study.

The Creator Created all of humanity and Holds all mankind to the same Universal Spiritual
Laws no matter what their religious or non-religious beliefs; for the Law of Cause and Effect
is the same for all.

Now, if we believe that we have had many existences, we must assume we have made some
wrong choices along the way, most probably even committed terrible crimes when we were less
morally mature in ages long past. We have only to look at the violent past of the history of
mankind. It would be illogical to assume we have all been perfect angels from the very
beginning of our creation! Therefore, as it states in the book
The Gospel According to Spiritism,
Chapter 17: “God has created all men equal in relation to pain, whether we be small or great,
ignorant or educated, we all suffer for the same motives so that each one may judge in clear
consciousness the evil that can be done… God Desires that all His children, being instructed
through their common experiences, should not practice evil with the excuse of not knowing its
effects.” Mankind suffers because it has caused hurt or pain to itself or others and it must
repent, expiate, and make reparation for any transgressions of moral and spiritual laws, either
in this present lifetime or in another existence; for it is insufficient just to say one is sorry
and carry on. The Divine Scales of Justice are Perfect and there are no mistakes. In addition,
being good and doing good deeds, in certain cases, may help to ease expiations.

Further, those who have completely expiated their past want to push themselves further
through self-sacrifice and by accepting difficult missions (these are very morally superior
souls). They comprehend fully that if they succeed in these, it will help push them further
along the pathway that leads to their final purification (no longer having to reincarnate
anymore) and towards the Creator.

Everyone starts at the same place and ends at the same place, how long it takes (how many
existences) is up to each individual. In order to accept this concept of reincarnation one must
have a mature spiritual understanding. We realize that there are no special dispensations, no
magical words that can be said, there is no way to avert the consequences of our own thoughts,
words, and deeds. We are the architects of our very own destinies! We have only ourselves to
blame for all our sufferings, for we have chosen our own spiritual journey.

It is we who choose what types of trials we will subject ourselves when we return to the
material world in each existence, after we have been shown (upon our physical death and
return to the spirit world) what crimes, bad deeds, or wrong doings we have committed in our
previous lives. We do this because we want to make amends, we want to clear our consciences,
we want to become better persons, and we want to progress, as all spirits eventually want to
do, for the Law of Progress is a Law of the Universe. We understand then, that we cannot
progress until we have cleansed and purified ourselves of our past, reparated for it, and,
attained great knowledge and wisdom while removing all selfishness and materiality from the
very essence of our being and soul. Humankind progresses through the merits of its deeds not
through any type of special grace or the sacrifices of another.

Many who may initially accept the concept of reincarnation, when they begin to look deeper
into what that concept actually means, and later learn we must accept our own personality
responsibility regarding the own personal responsibility regarding the circumstances we find
ourselves, it is then when they either humbly accept this reality, or, reject the whole thing and
walk away (or even reject God) because they are not spiritually or morally ready to accept this

But, they will accept it eventually, as they mature later in this lifetime or in another, because
reincarnation is the only logical answer to the question, “Why do good people suffer?” - for it
is in total conformance with the Creator’s Supreme Love and Perfect Divine Justice.

Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges

December 23, 2004