Spiritual Journey of The Soul

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         This book is a simple and brief outline regarding the soulís journey in its spiritual evolutionary progression: from its creation, through its countless material existences, and then finally to its eventual evolving into a purified soul (no longer needing material existences).

In very general terms, it explains this process, describing what usually happens to the average spirit (one who is basically good and at least intellectually and morally average), and, one who has at least a vague idea regarding knowledge of the following: 1) its true nature as a spirit; 2) the true purpose of material life; and, 3) the existence of the spirit world and the necessary process of soul evolution.

It does not deal specifically with those spirits who are very evil, very primitive, or who have no belief at all in reincarnation or soul evolution, or those who believe firmly in orthodox and/or traditional religious beliefs, or for those spirits who firmly believe in nothing, or no afterlife at all. These types of spirits, although they will indeed undergo the same evolutionary soul process, may have perceptions and experiences which may differ , along their soulís journey, then those described in this book.

Generally overall, what a spirit usually experiences during this soul development process, is based on what they went through and their behavior in their last material life, their personal belief system, their knowledge of spiritual science, and their current intellectual, spiritual, and moral levels.

This book was written through inspirational mediumship, a collaboration so to speak, between the material world and the spiritual. I thank my spirit guides, and God above all, for without them this book could not have been written. May it help those who read it, even if in some small way.

Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida
July 2003
St. Petersburg, Florida