Our Spiritist Center

The Spiritist Society of Florida was co-founded by Edgar Crespo and Yvonne Limoges and established in 1982, although the group was already meeting together since 1978.

Edgar Crespo attended a Spiritist Center in New York City originally established in 1933 as a child with his parents (his mother was a medium). Later, when his mediumship developed he attended their mediums class. He has over 50 years experience as a medium. Since Spiritist books in English were lacking he was the first to translate the classic Memoirs of Father Germain written by Amalia Domingo Soler the famous Spiritist from Spain. The English version was published in 2006. He also translated a book by the famous Spiritist medium f rom Spain, Miguel Vivesí Practical Guide for Spiritists soon to be published.

Co-founder Yvonne Limoges is a 5th generation Spiritist (and a medium of over 30 years) who directs the meeting, and the study and children classes. She is also the editor of the monthly newsletter. Her spirit writings and other articles have also appeared in other Spiritist, Spiritualist, and parapsychic newsletters, magazines, and journals in countries around the world, and many have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Society corresponds with local, national, and international Spiritist and Spiritualist organizations all around the world. Its members have attended many Spiritist and parapsychology conferences.

Our center has a group of dedicated mediums, most with over 30 years experience and have been with us for many years. They perform the sacred duties free of charge. The Center meets the last Sunday of every month at 9AM, except in the month of December. Our service is conducted in English.

Spiritists have no clergy and we DO NOT use or do any of the following:
Fortune-telling, tarot cards, images, incense, candles, crystals, amulets, horoscopes, tobacco, drugs, or any other objects or any other objects or rituals. We practice our service in simplicity without any external forms of worship. We do not impose our principles on anyone but invite those interested, to submit its teachings to the test of oneís reason. Persons of all faiths are welcome and all services are free of charge!

For more information, contact Director Yvonne Limoges at: ylimoges@aol.com